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Create a Mediterranean Retreat

Create a Mediterranean Retreat

1st September 2017

Inspired by the tiled courtyards and olive tree lined hills of Southern Europe, Mediterranean gardens can brighten up your day with their warm, honey tones and scented planting. This garden style can be easily recreated with simple hard landscaping materials and strong colours allowing you to enjoy a hint of the heat every day. 

If you’re looking for an easy to maintain, water–sensitive garden then this is an ideal solution. Select architectural planting such as palms and cypress trees alongside scented Rosemary and Lavender and grasses to create an authentic feeling. 

Gravel Beds  

Gravel planting beds are the trademark of Mediterranean gardens. Whether it’s pale Cotswold chippings surrounding stems of Lavender or luscious Butterscotch at the base of Bourgainvillias, yellow, orange and fawn colours bring out the best in planting and emulate the dry, arid conditions of the coast. 

Paths and Patios 

Having an abundance of gravel paths allows water to drain away freely from the surface whilst also letting you access hard to reach parts of the garden for easy maintenance. Let path ways lead you 

towards terraced patios which are perfect for entertaining on long summer evenings. When deciding on a surface for your patio chooses ochres, apricots and amber coloured reclaimed bricks or textured Paving. Complement this look with Mediterranean tiles on tables andwalls.  

Pebbles and Cobbles  

If you’re feeling particularly artistic cobbles and pebbles can be set in intricate patterns to achieve a truly rustic look. Inspired by Andalucian village streets and ancient Italian mosaics this look primarily uses black and white pebbles but can also feature coloured stone. These stone carpets are created by pushing pebbles into mortar in elaborate design and leaving them to set. The more feet that fall on the pebbles the shinier the surface becomes but this look can also be achieved by using Polished Pebbles. 

Garden Features  

Adding a splash of antiquity to your garden will help to emulate southern summer vistas. Select features and stoneware that have strong classical motives such as columned birdbaths and laurel-wreathed urns. These pieces will act as focal points for that garden and encourage wildlife to visit. For tumbled planting use large terracotta Amphoras and pots to catch the eye and add a touch of the ancient world.  

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